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Avi (Avraham) Weiss, M.Sc

B.Sc. in Industrial and Management Engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.
M.Sc. in Industrial and Management Engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.
NSE (Network Support Engineering), The College of Management.
Certification Studies in Management, 820 hours, Technion Haifa & Yezreel Valley College.
Certification studies in Negotiation, 100 hours, The State University of Louisiana, USA.

US Special Agent Badge.
Qualifications & Abilities:
Senior Officer in the Israeli Police Force in charge of hundreds of people for two decades. Rank: Commander (Colonel).
  • Expertise in long-term strategic planning of projects and their initialization.
  • Many years of experience in training, development of computerized projects, development of computerized systems for training and management and of teaching programs in variety of domains.  
  • Founding and leading a large scope of logistic projects.
  • Founding and managing of 2 Startups in the Cellular domain.
  • Publishing thousands of news items, columns and articles in the Telecom and IT domains in magazines, journals, websites and in "TheCom" in Israel and abroad. Publishing of several books including 2 in the Telecom domain.
  • Conducting research in the Israel Technology Market, including studies for the international research company -  IDC (International Data Corporation).
  • Consultation in the Telecom and innovative technologies domains for many Israeli and foreign firms and startups.
  • Examination of communication equipment and its evaluation.
  • From February 2013 – Present, Avi is the Editor-in-Chief of Telecom News, the leading Telecom, High-Tech, Technologies & Startups news magazine in Israel. 
A little about myself:
  • I am married and have two lovely daughters.
  • I was POW in Egypt during the Yom-Kippur War.
  • I try to live life to the fullest and enjoy learning new
    concepts and ideas.
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